This project involved reinforcing an existing stacked rock retaining wall at the 6600 block of Marine Drive in West Vancouver.  Since the wall was located on the downhill side of Marine Drive, suspended platforms and an excavator-mounted drill were required to safely complete the work.

SWC implemented traffic control to reduce traffic to one lane of alternating traffic.  An initial lift of approximately 100mm-thick shotcrete was applied to the existing wall to bind the rock.  Anchors were installed using excavator-mounted drill sitting on Marine Drive.  The drill consisted of an air track mast mounted on a 225 excavator.  Once the anchors were installed, a layer of welded wire mesh was installed, followed by the final 75mm of shotcrete.

Scope of Work

  • 49 hollow core R38 anchors totaling 270m.
  • 300m² of approximately 175mm thick shotcrete in two lifts
6600 Marine Drive