Located at 567 Clarke Road, Coquitlam, the excavation and shoring was split into 2 phases. The first phase, 567 Clarke Road, was a deep excavation and was completed in 8 months. The second phase, U-Living, had a number of challenges including working in close proximity to the skytrain guideway and columns, drilling anchors under BC Hydro conduits and large power poles, and disposal of heavily contaminated soil. This added an additional 5 months to complete the project. The project included 125,000 yds³ of excavation of material, 63,000 ft² of shoring and 74,000 ft of anchors.


Owner: Marcon Developments Ltd. & Kevington Enterprises Corp.

General Contractor: Marcon Construction Ltd.

Completion: December 2018

Engineer: GeoPacific Consultants Ltd.

SWC Supervisor: Phil Brisette / Dave Martin

Excavation and Shoring – 567 Clarke & Como and U-Living Excavation and Shoring – 567 Clarke & Como and U-Living