The project required an additional dedicated bus lane on Highway 99 from Steveston to Cambie Street. As part of this project, Southwest Contracting Ltd. installed over 600m² of permanent shotcrete and 374 anchors.

Project Description:

Each one of three permanent walls required a temporary-anchored shotcrete wall with a permanent cast-in-place facade.

Southwest Contracting Ltd. installed 374 permanent anchors within the three walls. A combined surface area of 600m² of 100mm shotcrete underneath each abutment was installed to create additional room for the extra bus lane.

The installed anchors were DCP (Double Corrosion Protected) and were installed in 130mm boreholes, which required the use of casing and hydraulic rigs.

The project met challenges and was completed on schedule and within budget.

Highway 99 Bus Lane Highway 99 Bus Lane