Installation of 110 Mini-Jet grouted Titan 40/16 or Titan 52/26 micropiles installed to replace original timber piles that had deteriorated at the Pitt Meadows Arena.

Project Descripton

Pitt Meadows Arena consists of three ice skating rinks: Gold, Blue and Red. The Gold and Blue rinks were constructed in the early 1990’s, supported on untreated timber piles. A mezzanine floor was added between the Gold and Blue arenas and the ice sheets began showing signs of settlement. Investigations showed deterioration of the timber piles and some had deteriorated entirely. Because of the poor soil conditions, (1m clean sand fill, 3m saturated clays, 4m saturated organic peat) the design solution consisted of 110 Mini-Jet micropiles of varying capacities (35 to 135kip working load).

Low overhead conditions inside the arena made for challenging installations using our Beretta T43 mini-rig. All other piles were installed using our DK725 crawler rig.

By controlling jet grout pressures, volumes, and pull speeds, SWC was able to design and construct a pile with an average bond diameter of 12” to develop the required capacity in the weak silty clays down to the firm sands at the bottom of the micropiles.

Pitt Meadows Ice Arena Pitt Meadows Ice Arena Pitt Meadows Ice Arena Pitt Meadows Ice Arena