As part of the track-widening program for the implementation of the West Coast Express, CP Rail required that a section of grade be prepared where an abandoned oil refinery had operated up to the middle of the 1900's.

The site known as Reed Point is located immediately adjacent to Burrard Inlet. Southwest Contracting Ltd.'s role was as a general contractor and was all-inclusive. Works involved excavating and stockpiling all potentially contaminated soils for evaluation and then disposal to appropriate facilities.

Contaminated soil quantities included over 5,000 cubic metres of special waste and over 7,000 cubic metres of industrial level soils. These works had to be carried out adjacent to the CP Rail mainline on a steep hillside while ensuring that no hydrocarbons escaped into Burrard Inlet.

Works also included the construction of a 6,400 square foot permanent anchor and shotcrete wall as well as a 4,900 square foot lock-block wall adjacent to the new track. All works were completed without incident and on schedule.

West Coast Express Expansion