Excavation and Shoring

Southwest Contracting was the first excavation contractor in the Lower Mainland to combine both excavation and shoring to best serve our clients.
Excavation and Shoring Contractors

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We make use of many different shoring methods including the drilling of IBO anchors in caving ground, drilled vertical piles (so anchors can span utilities), and specialty drilling and grouting techniques to maintain the integrity of an excavation. Our shoring method of choice for many projects in Vancouver is shotcrete shoring due to the dominance of native glacial till throughout the region. It is usually 50% more economical than shoring with soldier piles and lagging. Also, jet grouting, soil mixing or secant walls in combination with tieback anchors have been introduced to hold water-bearing ground.

While larger projects such as the Vancouver Convention Center are noteworthy, the smaller projects to install shear walls within existing buildings are becoming commonplace as well as new codes for seismic upgrading are implemented. Our 20 or so machines cover the full spectrum of services required of complete Lower Mainland excavation contractors.

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