Jet Grout Shoring

Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is more commonly used for shoring in water bearing sands to resist water penetration and caving ground but it can also be used for piling. This technique uses European technology to inject grout under high pressures (6000 psi) to create overlapping columns of weak concrete that is later excavated to create shoring or left in place to provide a cutoff wall. Column diameters and strengths are dictated by pull speed and cement content and diamaters of 3' to 5' are common.

The ancillary equipment includes grout mixing tanks, pressure pumps, and cement silos so a storage footprint of 20' x 60' is required. Experience with this high tech equipment and techniqes to generate columns of sufficient strength and size is critical. Our JV with Condon Johnson in the US has ensured proper training and has further exposed us to new technology from Europe through their own JV's with the French. This serves to provide the lowest possible cost to shore the most extreme ground condition.