Residential Subdivision

Project Description

The project is typical of many civil projects that SWC completes in a year that takes raw land and constructs fully serviced subdivision lots for home builders.

This project involved clearing 9.5 acres and constructing fully-serviced lots. Our works included excavation, grading, asphalt, concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk, asphalt path, storm sewer, water main, street lighting, BC Hydro, TELUS, Shaw communications ducting and landscaping. As the project stretched through fall and into winter, great care was needed to ensure that the site met all of the environmental and sediment control measures as the work progressed.

Scope of work

  • Shotcrete – 3,600m2 permanent shotcrete shoring
  • Tieback Anchors – 8,000m permanent 26mm DCP
  • Ground Conditions – Loose to Dense sands and gravels

Project Details


February 28, 2012


Tara Developments


Township of Langley, BC


Project Gallery


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