TELUS Cell Tower

Project Description

Installation of 3 pile foundations for TELUS cell phone tower on Mt Poole in the Queen Charlotte Islands (now Haida Gwaii). Each pile foundation consisted of 3 micropiles (2 vertical and 1 battered).

SWC were invited by All North Engineering to be part of a design team for the new Cell Phone tower that Telus were installing on top of Mt. Poole in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Because of the remote location of the site and challenges involved with getting materials and equipment to the summit of Mt. Poole, an alternative to a concrete foundation was sought by Telus. We were able to offer suggestions on the most cost-effective solution for the project.

The final design utilized two vertical 36mm Grade 150 Dywidag anchors for the tension and compression elements and one battered 32mm Grade 150 Dywidag anchor for the shear elements of the design.

With the use of a custom template designed by Westower Inc to match the exact dimensions and height of the tower foundations, we were able to drill and install three micropiles for each of the three legs of the structure.

Once completed, Westower were able to stand the tower directly onto the micropiles without any concrete foundation requirement.

Project Details


July 29, 2009

General Contractor

Aecon / SNC-Lavalin Joint Venture (ASJV)




Mt Poole, Queen Charlotte Islands


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