Will Pauga

Years of playing and coaching competitive rugby in New Zealand and in his adopted home in Western Canada instilled in Will Pauga a sense of leadership and teamwork.

Throw in a strong background in drilling and tunnelling, and it’s natural that Will would find himself in the leadership of Southwest sooner or later.

“I started playing rugby when I was five. It’s a big part of life in Samoa and New Zealand,” explains Will. He’s had more than a few relatives who have played for the Samoan national team as well as New Zealand’s famed All Blacks.

“I suppose my management style is a lot like my approach to coaching rugby. When we take on a project for a client, we focus on the whole team, and we work hard at ensuring the entire group is successful together.“

Upon first arriving in Canada in 2000, Will met his wife Karen and, since then, have raised three teenage kids, the oldest of whom is a 2020 grad. In fact, family is a key concept for Will and his colleagues.

“Everyone here is treated like family. That started with SWC’s founders, was added to by their successors, and it’s something we’re committed to building on as well.”

That view goes hand-in-hand with Will’s philosophy that ‘biggest’ isn’t always ‘best.’

“We’re more focussed on being better rather than being bigger, Will explains. “We want to give good service, and provide quality work. At the end of the day, our reputation is absolutely critical. So while we may not always be the least expensive, we always make sure we’re the best.


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